Planned Serenity

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Just as good quality honey takes time to produce, so do our targets. Hope for quick shipment, but expect 1 – 2 weeks handling time and 3 – 5 days shipping time. We will send you an email with updates as your order is processed.

Regardless of what your plan of action is you must be able to keep your family safe, and with safety there is no room for error.  As we all know practice makes perfect so try out these next level targets and start planning your family’s safety today.

Ordered a “humbler” after shooting one with a friend at a local range and I have to tell you this thing is awesome. I’ve always been a good shooter but once I tried this thing it really showed me that I needed more practice on moving targets. They definitely have the name right, I was definitely humbled by this.

Adam - Texas

Wow “the gambler” will definitely get your heart going. Especially when your Friends are keeping track of the points lol it isn’t that bad til you’re about 250 points in and realize that it’s getting really small really fast lol it’s so much fun to shoot. All my friends want to try it whenever they come over.

Hillbilly - Tennessee

Was so happy when my targets got in last week. the craftsmanship is WAY beyond what I expected; after seeing it with my own eyes there was no doubt that these are worth every penny…

Bob - Idaho